Yesterday, a friend sent me a picture of Mark Zuckerberg at my former office. I thought it was a prank until I saw it on a major tech blog in Nigeria. Indeed Mark Zuckerberg, “The Zuck” was in Nigeria.

News has it that Mark came to visit Andela, a company that his foundation invested in, and the tech community here in Lagos, as well as attend the Facebook Developer Workshop event.

I was able to attend the developer workshop, which was a strict invite-only event for those that RSVPed. In retrospect, it all makes sense.

Ok, so, having watched videos and read blogs from a lot of experts about how to engage and share content from conferences, with options like: Sketchnoting, Live-tweeting, and writing a blog post to recap, I decided to try out these things with the Facebook Developer Workshop.

1. Recap

First, here’s a recap of what went down today.

Keynote Address

The event kicked off with Emeka Afigbo doing the Keynote.

Q&A with Mark

There was a Q&A session with Mark Zuckerberg. The whole room welcomed him with loud cheers and he took questions from the room as well as from the live stream. Anyone who has attempted a live Q&A will tell you, it’s not a piece of cake, but Mark handled it perfectly as though it was scripted.

Breakout sessions

There were breakout sessions on:

  1. Account Kit: One of Facebook’s products that helps reduce friction at login/registration point. It provides Facebook login, password-less login among others.
  2. Bots & Messenger: a Facebook platform/product which businesses can use to reach out and engage their customers.
  3. React Native: Tool to build declarative UIs and native mobile apps in iOS and Android. Learn once, write anywhere.

React native

I attended the React-Native session, because I’d read about it and was looking forward to learning more and trying it out. The Session was anchored by Christine . She did a pretty good job in walking us through the basics of react-native and what we needed to know to get started.


The food was awesome. There was breakfast, coffee, tea, and lunch at the event. The Nigerian Jollof I had tasted better than it looked:

2. Live-tweeting

I attempted live-tweeting the workshop, and the engagement was really impressive.

Check out the thread here:

3. Sketchnoting

I also attempted to do sketchnoting. My first Sketchnote. If you’re curious about what it is, you can check here. I did the sketchnoting when Christine was talking about Open Source projects at Facebook. Although, the Sketchnoting can be way better than this, I guess it’s not so bad for a first attempt. 🙈

Thanks Moyin, for encouraging to share it.

I am really grateful that I was able to attend the workshop. I’m super excited that I saw Mark Zuckerberg, I mean, he was < 1m away from me :). I hope to explore react-native further, and write about my findings soon.

I met new and old friends and colleagues, people I had only e-met via Twitter or Facebook.

Overall, it was a good experience for me. I’m looking forward to similar workshops in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Segun.