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Analyze Stack Traces in Android Studio

Easily jump through and analyze stack traces in Android Studio

Debugging Android app launch by setting debug app

Android debugging tip - attach Android Studio debugger at app start up

Using sample data resources in Android Studio

Use sample data resources for easy layout preview in Android Studio

Notification Channels in Android Oreo

Prepare your app for Android Oreo targets by implementing notification channels

Custom Fonts on Android with Android Support Library

Exploring how to implement custom fonts on Android by backporting fonts in XML using the support library

Retrofiting on Android with Kotlin

Tutorial on how to use retrofit on Android with Kotlin programming language

Setting up Android Studio for Kotlin development

Tutorial on how to set up your android dev environment for Kotlin development

2016 in Review!

Review of activities, articles and talks given in 2016

Implementing Bottom Navigation View in your app

Tutorial on how to implement the new bottom navigation view with the support library

Improved notifications with Direct reply in Android N

Tutorial on how to implement notifications with direct reply in Android N

Android studio layout preview with tools designtime attributes

Android Studio tip on using designtime attributes to preview layout designs

Recap: Facebook Developer Workshop, Lagos

Summary of the Facebook Developer Workshop.

Manage Android dependencies versions using gradle extra properties.

Android tip on how to use gradle extra properties to manage dependency versioning

Remote config with Firebase

Learn how to update your app without updating your app.

Chrome Custom Tabs in Android

Tutorial on how to use chrome custom tabs in Android.

Intro to the new ConstraintLayout in Android

Quick intro to the new layout editor and ConstraintLayout in Android

Crash reporting in Firebase

Exploring the new crash reporting feature of Firebase

Android Studio ProTip #002

Another set of android studio pro-tips

Android Studio ProTip #001

1st of the Android Studio ProTips series

May I have some Marshmallows, please?

Quick update on using the new runtime permissions on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Please don't tell my mum. I started karate class

First day at learning karate

Hello jekyll!

First post with jekyll.