Hiya, we’re finally in February. One of my resolutions for the year, is to really help & contribute to the #AndroidDev community. In light of this, from time to time, I wiill be sharing pro tips for Android Studio.

There are simple shortcuts and tips that can really make life easier as an android developer, I have stumbled on a few, and I’m going to be sharing the tips as I run into them or they run into me :D.

First tip is to swap lines in AS. If you have two lines you need to swap in AS, all you have to do is press Command + Shift + Arrow up (or down). Check the gif below for the behaviour.

NB: You probably want to replace command with control if you’re on Windows or Linux

TL;DR: To swap 2 lines: ⌘ + ⇧ + ↑ or ↓

Please share and drop any comments in the comments section below. Thanks for reading :)