Today is the last day of 2016. It’s been a really tough and demanding year for me and in an effort to account for the year and also inspired by Dan Lew’s post, I have decided to do a review of the year. Going forth, I will make this a ritual.

Most important thing for me this year, is that I made a decision to write more and share my challenges and thoughts through this blog.

Top Articles

This year, I wrote (a lot), and my top 5 posts this year are:


This year also, I had the opportunity to give a number of talks at local meetups and international conferences.

Many thanks to those that gave the opportunity to give talks, I look forward to giving more talks and sharing more in 2017. Feel free to drop me an email at segunfamisa gmail com, to invite me for a talk in 2017.


I didn’t get to do many open source projects this year, but I worked on an annotation based tool for saving and restoring instance states in Android) - Icicle. Feel free to use, star, fork the project here:

Travel, Fun and Adventure

  • This year, I also decided to travel more. I visited 2 new African countries - Ghana and Kenya.
  • On adventure, I hiked a total of 4 hills/mountains - Kwahu Mountains, Idanre hills, Ado Awaye and Erin Ijesha. I did zip-lining and a canopy walk as well. It was fun and adrenaline intensive.
  • I “turned up” a lot more this year 🙄 (S/O to my turn up squad 😂).

What next?

In 2017, I’m going to be using Kotlin more for Android dev while exploring Swift for iOS dev. The goal is to become a rounded “Mobile Engineer”.


Shout out to Nigerian developers killing it 🔥, hope to see more of the developer fire in 2017.

Special thanks to all my friends, all Android Devs around the world that inspire me daily (they’re so many, I can’t name all) and everyone that reads my posts.

Cheers to an amazing 2017. 🎉🍻